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Youth Membership!

Youth (age 17-30): Youth members have full voting, representation, and organizing rights and respons...

Bridge Membership!

Bridge (age 31-35): Bridge members can self-organize as a group, and can introduce proposals to the ...

Solidarity Membership!

Solidarity (age 36+): Joining as a Solidarity member doesn’t not grant voting or representatio...


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Our Core

Nazir Khan


Nazir Khan is one of our many wonderful new Core members joining us after our #amalgamation with Aynah. Nazir originally hails from New York but has now been a resident of Minneapolis for almost a year. He is a Labor Organizer primarily working with folx in higher education.

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Maya Weisinger

The Connectress

Maya Weisinger  is also one of our many wonderful new Core members joining us after our#amalgamation with Aynah. Maya understands home to be wherever the people she loves and supports are from. Maya has been able to find a family here in Minneapolis but has grown up in New Mexico. Maya currently works with The Walker Art Center as the Access and Audiences Coordinator.

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