The USA Cooperative Youth Council (USACYC) was formally founded on October 8th, 2012, after a year of organizing work as the USA Cooperative Youth Committee (keeping that acronym on lock through the years!).

Our Vision
 We the youth, envision a future where all people own and control the resources they need to not only survive but to thrive. As youth, we strongly believe it is our duty to usher in a newly liberated and cooperative economy that is diverse and united in coalition with social movements for equity and healing. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the USA Cooperative Youth Council is to initiate, coordinate, promote, and participate in educational efforts and programs that empower youth to engage in the philosophy and practices of cooperation, especially as they relate to leadership development. Specifically, the USA Cooperative Youth Council provides youth with opportunities to:

  • Participate directly in democratic group process, allowing them to learn consensus decision-making, parliamentary procedure, facilitation, and mediation;
  • Be empowered by a group of peers to take on meaningful leadership roles within USA Cooperative Youth Council and broader cooperative movement, allowing them a voice in national strategic planning and visioning work of which they will see the impact; and
  • Be provided education and experiential opportunities to learn more about cooperative philosophy and practice such that they can apply the skills and insight gained in other aspects of their work and civic life. 

USACYC is structured as a non-profit, non-distributive common equity cooperative with a membership that elects a Board to govern the activities of the cooperative. Membership is open to individual members according to the following three membership categories: Youth (age 17-30), Bridge (age 31-35), and Solidarity (age 36+). You can read about why we define Youth the way we do here <link>.