We are happy to announce that on August 1, 2016, Aynah and the USA Cooperative Youth Council (USACYC) will #amalgamate (combine and unite)! This is an exciting moment for both organizations, and we’ve had a lot of questions along the way. We want to share those questions and answers with you alongside our announcement, as you may be wondering the same things, too!  If you have more questions / thoughts, hit us up at

If you already know you wanna $upport this process, you can contribute some funds here!


Aynah and USACYC have been close allies from the very beginning.  Our missions are very similar, and we’ve often shared resources over the years.  Through months of strategic planning, we saw that we both had a lot to offer each other.  Aynah has stellar workshops and trips to bring students into the coop movement, and USACYC has a large constituency, strong suite of programs, and exciting trajectory towards campaign work. The decision to amalgamate was easy once we saw all the complementary beauty in our coupling. Overall, we’ll be saving on administrative costs, and – more importantly – we will be more effective by combining our efforts to fuel a #coopyouth movement.  Who is USACYC?   Who is Aynah?

Name change?

Aynah’s legacy of programming will live on under the USA Cooperative Youth Council (aka USACYC, aka CYC) banner.

Who's on the Board?

We’re very excited to grow USACYC’s Core (i.e. Board of Directors) through the appointment of 3 Directors from Aynah. Those 3 will be in addition to an ex officio role held by Aynah’s President, who will be a non-voting Core member tasked with supervising the merger and the managing the obligations laid out by both organizations through the agreement.  USACYC is able to appoint these Directors as they are filling vacancies that the organization intentionally left open in order to gradually grow its governance over three years. This amalgamation will grow USACYC’s Core to its full size (kind of a happy coincidence!). Aside from when the Core is empowered to appoint people to vacancies, all Core members are elected by USACYC #coopyouth members – since USACYC is a cooperative!

Wait what?

I wanna be a member of USACYC!  You can read more here and join right here!

Who’s staff?

 Jesus Lucero (current USACYC staff) and Jason Rodney (current Aynah staff) will be co-directors!  Jesus will be Director of Membership & Engagement and Jason will be Director of Education & Campaigns.

  • What about Nat & Emily? You may remember Nat Locke (Aynah’s past Director of Education and Programs) and Emily, USACYC’s Founding Director. They have both transitioned out of their staff roles, but they are both on the USACYC Core and serve in other volunteer capacities with USACYC.

Will programs change?

 If by “change” you mean “get more awesome,” then, yes! USACYC wil continue to run the suite of convening, leadership development, and participatory process programs it has developed over the past 4+ years. Aynah’s trip program will be added on to what USACYC does and, alongside USACYC’s upcoming membership drive, a Club program will be launched that merges Aynah’s current chapter system with USACYC’s planned local member engagement program.  The Education Working Group of CYC will help determine the best way to continue all of the many programs through the coming years – we are pleased that an Aynah Board Director will be joining the Working Group to help steward that development.

What should I do, then?

 Well, you should be a member (members of all ages are welcome to join!) of USACYC. Then, if you haven’t already – like USACYC on Facebook, follow USACYC on Twitter, follow USACYC on Instagram, and sign up for USACYC’snewsletter!

And, in truth, there are some things we could really u$e $ome $upport. Specifically, we would like to hire someone to do some fundraising work for our newly amalgamated entity. We do great work and have a strong history of success – we just need a little more help in communicating that to grantmakers and other donors. You can help us fund our $5,000 for use in hiring a development contractor here!

BUT!– the most important question of all… Where’s the #dankcoop meme? We do not disappoint. Check out the Bert and Ernie vibes here!