Roles of CYC

There are many different ways that we like to interact with our members, potential members, and our fans. These roles within CYC call for different energy and various levels of commitment. The coop movement a large one and can lead to many ways of engagement. We like to define our roles so you know where you fit and exactly what you could be committing your time to:

Core Member

The Core Members are not responsible for the day to day management of the cooperative, but of the overall visioning and decision-making of the Council. Beyond this, the most fundamental responsibility of a Core member are the following:

  • Attend a monthly a teleconference (120 minute phone call),
  • Fulfill 5-10 hours of work a month on USACYC activities,
  • As part of the 5-10 hours, serve on a separate Working Group or Committee of the Core
  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador for USACYC by representing it in youth and cooperative movement spaces, and
  • Be responsible for overseeing visioning, development, and staffing for the organization, e.g. overseeing and approving grant applications, budgets, policy and project proposals, as well as coordinating the hiring and supervising staff.

Core Officer

A Core Officer is responsible for all of the above actions as a Core Member is. However, a Core Officer has some added responsibilities. The Core has three legally required officers that fulfill the duties of the office to the extent required by law:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Beyond those legally required officers, the Core maintains the following Officer positions to address other kinds of work:

  • Officer of Care

Working Group Member

Working Group (WG) Members are volunteers that serve on can serve on four committees. These four committees are Governance, Education, Finance and Development, and Solidarity. Depending on the frequency of the meetings, WG members can expect to meet 1-2 hours a month along with completing side work that may come out of each meeting. The sole purpose for WGs is to directly run our Council. We strongly believe that if we are really to control what we do, we need to be actively engaged in the visioning and planning of the Council.

Working Group Leaders

WG Leaders are tasked with convening the WG meetings. They work closely with staff in order to prepare agendas before hand in order to act as the facilitator for the meeting. At this time, WGs meet at least once a month, though they may choose to meet more frequently. Some WGs may meet monthly because they have a lot of consistent work, while others may choose to meet in the months leading up to a project and not much the rest of the year. The WG Leader calls all meetings and act as the liaison for the Core to the WG members.

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Program Participant

Program participants can be any person who attends a program put on by CYC. We actively seek to engage in spaces that may not be specifically cooperative related because the cooperative movement means more than the economy. We have three major veins of programming which are:

  • Participatory Democracy,
  • Leadership Development, and
  • Convergence

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Club Leader

Clubs are a new part of the national work that we do and we’re very excited to begin building out these important regional/local communities. Clubs can look like many things and may not necessarily have one leader. A club leader will act as a liaison between CYC staff/Core and its club members. A club leader will act as the first contact and may be the initial person to contact CYC about beginning a club. Leadership should be transitionary and changing so the tasks of the leader will be determined by its members.[/expand]

Club Member

A club member is responsible for showing up! The #coopyouth movement is nothing without its members. Club members can engage in the club as much as possible or as agreed upon by the club. A club member can be anyone who has background in cooperatives or is interested in learning more about them. [/expand]


A CYC member can mean many different things but overall, a member is someone who buys into what we do (literally) and is naming their stake and ownership for the future of the cooperative movement. CYC directly creates positions of leadership that are drawn from our members such as Core positions, WG/Club leaders, staff positions, and facilitator roles. Our membership is very broad in relation to age, demographic, and location but our priority is to meet the needs of the youth that drive our work forward. Our members have the direct responsibility of contributing to our visioning, electing Core representatives, and keeping the Core in check in order to make sure member needs are being met. Our members are as committed as we are to our mission and our community and we rely on our members to help us in creating change for a better future.


CYC welcomes any and all support with open arms. Fans can be folx that align with our vision and work but may not fall into our #coopyouth membership. We offer two levels of membership for those 31-36 (Bridge members) and 36+ (Solidarity Members) because our movement relies on those that contribute to it. [/expand]