Sponsor Network

Support Authentic Cooperative Leadership ❤️🌲🌲❤️

Do you believe in youth? In justice? In democracy? As the #coopyouth of USACYC, we do. So do the members of the USACYC Sponsor Network, who are our strongest organizational allies. Read more below about the Network and email our Director, Jesus, at jesus@youth.coop to join.


USACYC’s Sponsor Network is comprised of organizations who understand and support the value that we deliver to their broader industries and cooperative movement through the engagement of young people in cooperative education and leadership development. Members of the Network are promoted and celebrated on our website as well as in our publications. Participation in the USACYC Sponsor Network is for mutual benefit – in exchange for your financial support of our work and constituency, we are able to provide you invaluable connections to a community of young people committed to living, working, and consuming cooperatively.



  • Supports a living wage salary for our coopyouth staff, USACYC runs its programs through grants and is on track to fund its overhead costs through member dues. Funding staff salaries is a traditionally difficult thing to fund in non-profits, as most grants for which we are eligible are program-specific.
  • Support hard costs for our suite of programming; we provide leadership training, cooperative education, and professional development opportunities to our constituents through four separate programs that take place on a range of once to four times a year.


Participation and benefits are tiered and levels are cumulative:

  • $1,000-$2,499
    • Direct and honored relationship with USACYC and its Core members (Board of Directors ).
    • One annual message or advertisement shared with our membership and broader constituency through our eNews of almost 650 individuals & social media platforms totalling 4,500 people.
  • $2,500-$4,999
    • Share unlimited jobs, internship, and other position postings with our constituency through our eNews & social media platforms.
    • Invitation and free admittance to Allies Day during our annual national Cooperative Youth Convergence
  • $5,000+
    • Up to 8 hours of consultation, trainings, and/or workshops catered for your organization
    • Active display of your organizations logo on our website and all fliers and programs displayed at various conferences


  • Participation in the Sponsor Network is perpetual and contributions are invoiced annually.
  • Any changes to a tier or status must be initiated by the member.
  • All contributions are 100% tax deductible.


We are asking for Sponsors to join the Network at a rate of $5,000 in honor of our 5th year of organizing. Thank you for supporting the present and future of our shared cooperative movement!

For more information and to join, email Jesus Lucero at jesus@youth.coop. ❤️🌲🌲❤️