Economic Inclusion

USACYC’s first ever and still ongoing campaign seeks to address the prohibitive costs of national conference fees and membership rates for many of the events and organizations within the US cooperative movement. Our campaign is attempting to work with movement institutions to set rates and fees that are accessible to youth, who are often unable to pay the current rates for a variety of reasons related to their being young (e.g. carrying student debt, early in career), as well as a variety of reasons not unique to youth (e.g. being unable to find sufficiently paying work, supporting a family) but instead, extend to a broad number of people. Following, through this action, USACYC commits itself and asks other institutions, federations, leaders, and people of the cooperative movement to practice full inclusion by making events and memberships accessible to all people regardless of their economic situation through some specific suggested mechanisms (e.g. sliding scale rates, subsidization rates).

To date, the campaign has been confined to social media, through which we are drawing attention to the issue and collecting signatories to a letter addressing  this issue. In the future, we will be touching base with the leadership of key, visible organizations within the movement to work with them on implementing these changes called for by the community.
You can view our #CoopYouth Rate Letter here!