Membership in the USA Cooperative Youth Council is only available to individuals. Organizations are able to join and access benefits via our Solidarity Network as Sponsors or Partners. While Youth members have the strongest voices and the most control in the Council, we make participation in the Council accessible to as many folks as possible, in order to build a truly inter-generational cooperative movement. Dues for all types of membership are the same, a sliding scale of 5 to 500 usd, according to financial capacity.

  • Youth (age 17-30): Youth members have full voting, representation, and organizing rights and responsibilities.
  • Bridge (age 31-35): Bridge members can self-organize as a group, and can introduce proposals to the broader membership with a Youth co-sponsor. Bridges are not voting members at this time, but can be elected to the Board though cannot hold an Officer position.
  • Solidarity (age 36+): Joining as a Solidarity member doesn’t not grant voting or representation rights, but it does allow allied individuals and organizations to stand in solidarity with Youth. We view Solidarity membership as one of the ways in which we can redistribute wealth in the Cooperative Movement to maximize the impact of our collective work to build a more just economy.