Leadership Summits

We have been developing a model of convening that will bring together leadership from various organizations within our national #coopyouth movement, from #coopyouth movements in other countries, and/or from youth doing intersectional work across movements. Specifically, we hope to build the following convenings out through collaboration with other stakeholders within the next three years:

US #CoopYouth

 Bringing together staff and constituent representatives from different organizations serving youth and students (e.g. CoFED, Coop Trust, NASCO, National Farmers Union, NRECA Youth Tour) can support our national movement in strengthening the relationships that are the foundation of our work. Additionally, such convenings would allow us to think together on what initiatives there are that we can only do together – not alone (e.g. apply for large coalition grants).

US-CAN #CoopYouth

 Historically, the US and Canada have not been active participants in the convenings of cooperativists from throughout all of the Americas. This division has several roots, one being that the majority of Cooperativas de las Americas convenings are held only in Spanish and in Central or South America. In an effort to begin to strategically build relationships with the Americas group, USACYC seeks to connect with its peers in Canada (i.e. Canada’s Emerging Cooperators) to coordinate on sending delegates and maintaining communications with our colleagues in Central and South America.

Youth in Solidarity

 Gathering young people from struggles and movements with which we stand in solidarity (e.g. Black Lives Matter, University Divestment) to talk about how we can support one another. We believe strongly that we both have so much to learn from our peers doing work directly on other issues and that the knowledge we have about how cooperatives can be liberatory economic tools can be of value to others.