Public Narrative

USACYC uses the Public Narrative process internally to guide and frame our work, as well as in our programming to connect participants to the content and purpose of the training or convening.

The concept and practice of “Public Narrative” was developed by Marshall Ganz (community and labor organizer) for the Obama campaign in 2008. Narrative, writes Ganz, is the process “through which individuals, communities, and nations make choices, construct identity, and inspire action. It can both instruct and inspire – teaching us not only how we ought to act but motivating us to act.”

Public narrative is different than one’s individual story. “Some of us may think our personal stories don’t matter,” says Ganz. “…if we do public work we have a responsibility to give a public account of ourselves – where we came from, why we do what we do, and where we think we are going.” Public narrative has three parts – “story of self,” “story of us,” “story of now.” By moving through the narrative creation process in that order, we are able to find the thread the connects us as individuals both to the work and to each other.